Great rebirth for pre-menopausal skin

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(Imedeen) rock too dry, brown spots, reduced elasticity, wrinkles, sagging … are the signs of aging of women at the age of menopause and perimenopause.

This is when you need to supplement Imedeen Prime Renewal nutrients to regenerate skin, keep forever the charm of the woman.

Imedeen Prime Renewal from Denmark is the result of the synthesis of the optimal solution to regenerate collagen, elasticity, moisture, reduce wrinkles, melasma, age spots and improve skin firmness woman money menopause and menopause. Also Biomarine Complex and zinc tablets also contain compounds Vitae (including vitamin C, vitamin E, white tea, grape seed extract and tomato) to help fight free radicals and chamomile extracts to help relax, sleep well . This is the special care of the skin, and Imedeen for the health of women aged 50 and older.

The Imedeen Prime Renewal nutrients to help nourish the skin from within, helping to regenerate facial and body skin and slow the aging process in the future. This effect has been proven over 18 scientific experiments and received much positive feedback from independent scientists, as well as women in the world. The famous model Christy Turlington Burns world are watching Imedeen is the secret for beautiful skin and maintaining effective youth.

Imedeen Prime Renewal help regenerate aging skin

Why women over 70 countries Imedeen trusted for over 20 years?

It is thanks to the significant improvement of the skin after using the product for 3 months. Balance skin moisture, increase elasticity becomes smoother, firmer and brighter. Besides, the condition of skin pigmentation, burns, bruises is reduced significantly thanks to the ingredients are natural extracts of Imedeen.

Biomarine Complex in Imedeen is extracted from deep sea fish protein, works to increase moisture, collagen and elastin by a factor of 8-9 times higher than normal. GS Lycophence extracted from tomatoes and white grape seed effectively reduce freckles, burns, bruises. Vitamin C helps restore damaged skin cells, preventing the formation and reduce the activity of melanin – the cause melasma. Zinc plays an important role in the regeneration of skin tissue.

The increase collagen, moisture, elasticity after using Imedeen


Especially, with Imedeen skin care also needs thoughtful accordance to each different age. Accordingly, Imedeen will be adding other necessary components and creates the featured products:

– Imedeen Derma One for ages 20-30

– Imedeen Time Perfection for ages 30-50

– Imedeen Prime Renewal for over-50s

Imedeen – What lotion do not

Attractive promotions from Imedeen

When buying products Imedeen, you will receive the gift immediately be imported from Germany. see more

(The program is applicable from the date of 07/8/2014 at dealerships nationwide Imedeen)

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