Experience hair loss with nutritional value

Định dạng bài viết: Tiêu chuẩn

(Daonordic) -I went through a terrible period childbirth 2 years ago. I remember very clearly I was confused and depressed like when my hair fall out more and more. Then my hair grow back to normal and, even more beautiful than before. And if you are suffering from hair loss, you can also apply my way.

When I learn about hair loss after pregnancy, I learned diet can also affect hair. The nutrients you need to treat hair loss include the following materials:

– Iron: Iron deficiency affects about 80% of the world population, especially women aged 15-50 years old. Iron is an important trace elements necessary for the formation of blood and oxygen moving through the body. Therefore, iron deficiency can lead to problems such as pale skin, hair loss, brittle nails and many other problems.

– Copper: causes copper deficiency leads to hair discoloration.

– Zinc is a trace element helps in hair follicle cells divide normally and reduce hair loss.

– Vitamin B: vitamin B group includes foliate (vitamin B9), biotin (B7), B2, B10, B11, B12 are important for hair growth. Biotin needed for healthy hair, which is why biotin is always a major component of hair loss treatments.

– Extraction of millet: Millet contains important nutrients for the hair as silica, linoleic acid, phytosterol, and triterpenoid miliacin. All these compounds are necessary for the growth of healthy hair and helps hair.

– Grape Seed Extract: helps antioxidants and flavonoids-rich, proven to protect cells against free radicals and premature aging.

Biotin, vitamin B, zinc, copper, millet extract is the main ingredient in a pill from Sweden Hair Volume Hair strong help reduce hair loss and maintaining growth, the growth of hair. And this is the secret of my hair loss.

Hair Volume pill is a product of functional food line Nordic Health DAO researched and developed by scientists in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Hair Volume is the product of Legosan, Sweden.


– TP. Ho Chi Minh: 121/40 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien Ward, District 2 – Phone: 08 302 626 0945 3519 3120-

– Hanoi: 181 Xa Dan 2, Nam Dong Ward, Dong Da District – Phone: 0439 439406-0904 216,456

Website: http://daonordic.com/

Products are currently sold in the pharmacy system nationwide.

Food is not medicine and replacing ineffective medicines.

Thanh Hang

(According Nomorehairloss)

Horsetail grass reduces hair loss, hair strong help

10 years younger by reducing hair loss and grow thickerhair volume


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