Prevent your skin from after make-up effects

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While make-up can make you look gorgeous, it can also ruin your skin. Here’s how to prevent the side effects of make-up.

1. After using thick layers of Make Up, one should not use hard soap or hard face wash to remove the Make Up, to make it smoother use baby face wash or appropriate face wash according to your make up.

2. Clean or wash your face with a cleanser which is designed for your skin type. Clean the skin properly because newly designed make ups like high definition make up, air brush make up have granules which go deep in the pores, so to cleanse your face 2 or 3 times with cleanser and non fragranced wet wipes. Use a soft flannel to remove the cleanser, make-up and other impurities from your face.

3. To remove the eye make -up always use a good remover with fewer chemicals, massage the eyes properly to get rid of dark circles. TO prevent patchy and dark skin under your eye put Alovera gel and massage it with ring finger in clockwise or anti clockwise manner. To get a refreshing feeling you can put green tea ice bags which will clean the impurities thoroughly and do the nourishment of the skin. Put eyecool drops or rosewater to get the relaxation and prevent the eyes from chemicals.

4. Pat your face dry with a soft towel. Don’t rub madly – your facial skin is not only sensitive, it tells the world whether you are healthy or not. Cleanser removes make-up and dirt but you then need to use a toner to close the pores.

5. Nowadays people use long lasting lipsticks which stays for 9- 12 hours, so cleansing of the lips should be take care of. Proper cleansing of the lips is a must; remove the lipstick with mild cleanser and damp cotton or wet tissues. After removing the make- up massage them in uplifting manner, apply soft coat of Glycerine or Vaselline gelly to make your lips smoother.

6. Regular use of make- up gives allergy to your face thus prevent your skin from allergy by keeping in mind some easy things like take an anti allergic tablets, put sensitive skin type cosmetics, never rub too much while removing make- up, remove it with mild oils or baby oils or milk. If the allergy has spread all over the face then put pure Alovera gel or cool packs with rose water and you can keep wet tissues dipped in rose water and keep on putting on the affected areas.




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