13 super foods to expedite weight loss …

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Are you ready to change your outlook on food, and instead of eating less, eat more foods that expedite weight loss? By eating the right foods you will speed up your metabolic rate, have more energy and lose #weight. You will also feel great because you are eating healthy food and boosting your immune system. Eating the right way makes a big difference. Now let me share with you the top foods that expedite weight loss that really work…


Apples are super foods because they are natural fat burners due to the pectin in them. Studies show by eating an apple before your meal you will eat fewer calories at your meal. An apple a day can help boost your metabolism and this is why it’s one of the super foods that expedite weight loss!


Eggs are great because they pack protein and lecithin, natural fat burners which will help to trim your waist and keep you satisfied for hours. And eggs are great because they can be prepared so many ways – hard boiled, over easy, scrambled – the possibilities are endless! So make sure you have your super food of eggs to get your daily dose of protein each day.


Kale is low in calories, high in fiber and packed with iron and calcium. Kale can be put in your morning shake, as a side dish, in your salad or baked in the oven to make delicious kale chips. I love kale because it is a super food that tastes great!


Oatmeal is healthy because it is high in fiber, low in #calories and very filling. If you have steel cut oats, they’re also minimally processed, making them one super food you should definitely add into your current meal plan! Because of the filling effect of oatmeal, studies show by eating oatmeal earlier in the day you will graze less throughout the day.

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